Scintillation Research has the world class expertise in the field of the standard-essential patents. Our experts have a deep understanding of what the standard-essential patent is, how to forge the standard-essential patent portfolio, how to join the patent pool as a licensor or what the procedure for patent essentiality evaluations is. Our experience and expertise can be a significant contribution for our clients to prosecute, utilize, sell or acquire standard-essential patents.

Versatile Video Coding or ITU-T H.266, ISO/IEC 23090-3 (MPEG-I Part 3) is a pathbreaking development in video compression standards that offers 50% higher compression efficiency than HEVC, better transmission efficiency than its predecessors, and varied video quality storage ranging from SD, HD, 4K, 8K to High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 360° videos.

  • A client wanted to know the landscape of VVC technology.
  • Also, the client wanted to identify the essential patents to H.266 for patent pool creation.
  • We identified patents of contributors who contributed to the VVC standard development.
  • Analyzed 3000+ patents to identify essentiality to H.266 after manually analyzing each patent family.
  •  Reported the client the list of contributors along with their relevant essential patents.

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