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At Scintillation Research, we deliver personalized patent search and analytics services ranging from generating, protecting, managing, and monetization. No matter the type of industries your inventions belong to, we can suggest you the best options to convert them into useful products through comprehensive analysis.

We cover various services in intellectual property search services including COMBINED PRIOR ART SEARCH, MARKET RESEARCH AND INVESTOR STUDY, EoU charts, novelty search, patent due diligence, and FTO, which are discussed below:

Patent Management

Filling an IP application doesn’t mean that you have obtained a patent for your invention. The intellectual property office comprehensively studies diverse areas of your claims to ensure that they meet the required uniqueness standards, and then grant the IP rights. However, you need to amend the claims as per office actions during the patent prosecution phases. We do detailed IP and market analysis to get market sound claims, and utilize your inventions completely.

Patentability Search/Novelty Search

Patents are issued to the inventions that are unique and useful, and patentability search/novelty search is conducted to check this. With novelty search reports, you can know if someone already had an idea similar to yours, and if you can obtain a patent of your inventions.

Patentability search helps in making the patent application strong, thus reducing the chances of rejection. We at Scintillation study technology journals, patent applications, non-patent literature, research papers, other relevant information sources to check the patentability of the inventions.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search

When launching a new product/service, it is necessary to conduct freedom to operate (FTO) search ensuring there is no violation of the intellectual property rights within that geographical area. It is also helpful in tracking patent expirations, patent licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and most active technology domains.

At Scintillation, we conduct an extensive patent search on diverse databases to prepare FTO reports. Instead of relying on automatic databases, we manually check different databases to ensure accuracy of the legal status.

Patent Litigation

Although you can take legal action against the infringing party, but how do you know that someone is using your technologies? For this, you need to monitor business activities of your competitors, new product launches comprising the technologies similar to yours, etc. We at Sraas do detailed analysis of clients’ IP rights, provide infringement details, and handle their cases. We can help you maximize earnings from your intellectual property assets preventing them from being theft by others.

Patent Drawing/Illustration

Patent Drawing is an integral part of the patent application, and helps illustrating different elements of the invention. This makes easy for the patent office staff to easily understand what the invention is all about, and process the application quickly.

We specialize in creating all kinds of IP drawings and illustrations required for the patent applications to be submitted in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and the EPO (European Patent Office). We create descriptive, clean drawings, thus helping the inventors describe their inventions properly, and obtain patents.

Our Patent Illustration Team is highly trained in the latest computer and illustration technologies such as CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. delivering the best pieces of drawings.

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search

Patent validity/invalidity searches are conducted for various purposes, and are quite important. If you want to invalidate one or multiple claims of a patent of a competitor, you can go for invalidity search, and find out evidences. If you are more inclined towards measuring the strength of your patent, then you should go for patent validity search. This kind of search is usually considered at the time of mergers and acquisitions to check overall valuation of the company in terms of patents.

We explore all areas of patents to collect the validity/invalidity reports incorporating the relevant strategies that fit to our clients. We have expertise in conducting validity/invalidity searches in various areas – Electronics, Telecommunication, Green tech, IOT, Computer Networks, Cryptography, Software Patents, Business Method, Inventions on SAAS platform, Mechanical, Automotive, Smart phones, BLE technology, Bio medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, Dental and Agriculture sciences.

Patent Due Diligence Reports

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets of a company, and IP due diligence is helpful in taking informed decisions when it comes to acquisitions and mergers. It helps in examining the strength of a business, and determining potential of the intellectual property. Due diligence may reveal problems like patent validity, prosecution, enforce-ability or events that impact patent claim scope, which in turn may impact patent infringement.

We have comprehensive knowledge of diverse technology domains, patent law, and prepare detailed patent due diligence reports. Our reports provide thorough information about the patents that are still active, activity of the business in different geographic markets, IP risk, etc.

Thus, for exceptional FTO services, you can contact us to get professional advice from our experts.


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