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IP Start-up Business Plan

ip business plan

Turning your intellectual property assets into business ventures

If you think your IP assets are capable enough to manufacture useful, unique products that can solve several problems of customers, launching a start-up is the best idea for you. We are a well-established IP services company, and can guide you the right way to business success. We thoroughly study your patents, identify IP monetization options, and create a customized business strategy for you. Our exclusive IP startup business plan includes market research and financial model that will help you understand the market size, share, total business costs, etc.

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We focus on helping clients know the real value of their IP assets, manufacture useful products, build strong customer bases, and increase sales. We offer:

Effective patent mining strategy to identify the potential assets for product/idea development.

Detailed research to understand the major problems product can solve.

Comprehensive market analysis to study market size, share, existing players, upcoming technology trends, etc.

Well-prepared financial model to launch the start-up in the market.

In addition, we suggest clients the best business strategies to convert their start-ups into emerging partners, grow, and increase IP licensing opportunities with the top players.

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