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Competition Analysis

"How-they-do-it" Analysis

Competitor analysis assists in building strong business strategies. Tracking activities of current and potential competitors gives you a clear idea about what are the products and services similar businesses launching in the coming years. You can also check previous marketing campaigns of your competitors, and learn from their experiences. Our how-they-do-it analysis is based on knowing how your competitors have succeeded in developing the technologies you are currently working or planning to work on, and the similar fields you can broaden your research in.

Product and Price Benchmarking

Checking products and their prices of the competitors is a crucial factor for the companies to consider. With this, the quality of products provided by your competitors can be known, also at what price they are selling their products. Based on that analysis, you can learn if you need to add certain features in your products or change your prices to attract more customers. We cover price and product benchmarking, gap analysis, product descriptions, etc., which help companies improve the performance of their sales.

Competitor Profiling

One simple rule to succeed in business is to beat the top performers in the market. Creating profile of each competitor is the best way to keep the records, and it also helps in effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of the business and marketing strategies. Our competitor profiling reports not only comprise basic information such as name, location, etc., but also provide information about their financial performance, products and services, resources and capabilities, capital investments, and strategies and business objectives.

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