Combined report for Prior Art Search, Market Research, and Investor Study

Prior Art Search + Market Research + Investor Study

At Scintillation Research and Analytics, our prime focus is to maximize the IP monetization options, and we spare no effort for that. Whether you have already invented technologies or running R&D operations, we can help you get detailed reports for different market areas, and exclusive intellectual property strategies minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

Usually, innovators only do prior art search, and start with filing the patent application. But, this type of search is limited to collecting details about already invented technologies, and doesn’t include any information about market areas to which the technologies can be used in. For building a comprehensive IP monetization strategy, a market analysis, environment, existing and future products, etc. is required.

We cover patentability search, market, and investor study all in a single report. Thus, innovators can invent creative ideas, obtain patents with widest claims, and use them to their maximum potentials.

We thoroughly study the invention to know different market verticals, and do prior art study for each vertical. We suggest the innovator to further his research work only if his invention meet the future demands, customer needs, etc. We build a perfect IP strategy, which helps in inventing useful technologies and building innovative products.

When a patent is interpreted, its claims are read according to the embodiments. More exclusive are the embodiments, broader will be the area of protection. Using the market research reports, patent drafter can write maximum number of embodiments, broadening the area of protection. As a result, the IP holder gets broad claims with great value.

prior art search, market analysis, and investor study

Our comprehensive intellectual property report can help in knowing active markets pertaining to the invention, top players, customers’ needs, etc. Based on this, the innovator can put his resources for the technologies matching the current and future planned products of active players, and increase the licensing opportunities.

Upon grant, we make diverse intellectual property marketing packages to use/sell the invention. The inventor can go for patent licensing, sales, get exclusive IP business plans for start-ups. We also provide investor study, which comprises details about the potential investors who are ready to provide financial help for new business development.

prior art search, market research, and investor study

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