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Scintillation understands your IP assets'

value, and works for protecting and monetizing them to maximum potentials

Scintillation Research and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd is a global provider of intellectual property solutions helping businesses and individual innovators manage their innovative ideas and inventions. We are a group of professional patent and market analysts who comprehensively study clients’ IP assets, do market research, and design effective IP strategies for maximum returns. We have clients from various locations around the globe.


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What Process We Follow

We follow a comprehensive procedure to ensure we deliver what our clients have asked for; in the best possible timeline and cost. During the life of a project, we maintain transparency with our client to ensure both sides on the same page

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TDI Business Centre, TDI City 1, SAS Nagar, PB 140308


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250 East 5th Street, 15th Floor - #410, Cincinnati, OH 45202

phone+1(202) 846-2220

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