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As the name suggest that patentability search means ability of an invention to be patented. As inventors are always working on new technologies, and file IP applications each day, it is possible that your invention is already patented. Thus, to check if you can obtain a patent for your invention, you can do the patentability search.


Usually, innovators only do prior art search, and go for filing the patent application. But, this type of search is limited to collecting details about already invented technologies, and doesn’t include any information about market areas to which the technologies can be used in.

As an invention to be brought up in the market one day, checking the target markets, top players, existing products, etc. related to it is a plus. We at Scintillation Research and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd do market analysis along with patentability search; the former is for checking market information and latter is for checking novelty of the invention.

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Thus, you can write more embodiments and get the claims, which perfectly align with upcoming technology trends. This helps in increasing the value and demand of your patent in the target market, creating maximum IP monetization opportunities.

We have a team of professional patent and market research analysts with extensive experience in protecting and monetizing intellectual property assets of individual innovators, students, universities, and businesses.


1. Prior arts: Get detailed information about how novel your invention is and what is already invented by other innovators in your country/region.

2. Active markets: Know the active markets, their size, growth in the recent years, and other parameters pertaining to your invented technologies.

3. Top players: What are the top companies in the target markets, and what are their business and marketing strategies, products and services.

4. More embodiments: Enables your patent drafter to make more embodiments, thus broadening the scope of claims.

5. Market sound claims: Get market-centered IP claims, which have great demand in the target markets.

6. More IP monetization options: Know different options to monetize your invention and design an appropriate IP strategy.


We personally believe that patents, which have claims matching with current market trends, customer demands, etc. are monetized easily, and earn inventors a lot of money. Thus, along with patentability, we study active markets pertaining to the inventions, helping the innovator get market sound patent claims.

1. Creating keyword list related to the invention and targeted markets: In the initial discussion sessions with the innovator, we thoroughly understand all the elements of the invention, and potential markets and industries it can have applications in. Based on this analysis, we create a keyword list.

2. Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) and class selection: There are four major classification systems – USPC, ECLA, WIPO, and IPC. We thoroughly study search results of the keywords and their synonyms, and select the appropriate classification system and class.

3. Studying patents w.r.t the selected classification: Based on the selected classification, we search a list of patents, study their technologies and drawings, performance in different markets, and customer need analysis. This help in knowing what is already invented, and the areas innovator should focus on.

4. Pending patent applications: We study the pending patent applications to avoid infringement in the future.

5. Searching national databases: We search the national patent database of the country/region the inventor wants to file patent application in. This helps knowing the patented technologies in the country or region, and the appropriate patent claims for the IP application.

6. Other databases Apart from the national databases, we also study patents from other IP databases. These include Google Patents, Total Patents, Orbit, Thomson Innovation,, Patent Lens,, PatentMax, PatBase, Delphion, PatentScope, Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries, etc. In addition, we study online blogs, latest IP news, and social media content related to the elements of the invention.

7. Generating complete patentability report: Based on the above findings, we prepare patentability report. The report comprises detailed information about the elements of the invention, matching completely or partially with that of the patented inventions. In addition, we also suggest broadest possible claims, IP strategy to be followed for bringing the invention to the market.

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