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What is a patent and why is it necessary to file the patent application?

A patent is the right of innovator conferred for 20 years, and it is granted in recognition of uniqueness of an invention.

Patent provides protection from making, using, or selling of the technologies of an invention. If anyone uses a patented invention without innovator’s permission, legal action can be taken against him/her.

What happen if I don’t patent my inventions?

Patent acts as an umbrella to the inventions. Your inventions are not safe if you don’t patent them. They are free to use, make or sell by anyone who got to know about them.

Who can file the patent/patents?

Although, anyone can file the patent/patents, but usually patent experts are hired for patent filing because of their rich experience in the field.

What are different options to make money after obtaining a patent?

Innovators can set up their own business, develop products using technologies, and sell them in the countries they are patented.

However, the other option is patent licensing.

What is patent monetization?

Patent monetization means generating revenue from the patented inventions. Your patented idea is useless until it is brought to the market. Innovators can opt for ip business plan, exclusive licensing, and non-exclusive licensing.

What is Freedom to Operate Search (FTO)?

Freedom to Operate Search is done to find out the products that can be operated free without violating any kind of patent rights. The IP rights are specific to particular countries or regions, thus, analysis is done in the countries or regions you want to operate.

What do you mean by invalidity search?

Invalidity search is referred as performing study on the existing patents to prove invalidity of their claims. In other words, the claims of patents are granted by mistake earlier are scrutinized for patent validity.

What does the term “license the patent” mean?

“License the patent” means allowing someone to use, make, and sell your inventions. Innovators can earn profits by licensing their patents to domestic or international businesses.

What is your patent search process?

Our patent research process is more than just ordinary patent search reports. We personally believe that it is necessary to consider market anaylsis with patentability search as inventions after being converted into products are to be sold in the markets. We conduct studies related to customer needs, market demands, etc. to help inventors get patents with broadest possible area of protection.

What is patent infringement?

Patenting an invention is protecting it from making, using, or selling. If someone performs any of the above activities without the innovator’s permission, it is referred to as patent infringement. In this case, the patent holder can have personal discussion with the infringer regarding the use of his patented technologies, or sue him in the court of law. More than 90% infringement cases are settled in the court of law.

Why I need an expert for patent drafting?

Patent drafting is the core of patent application. Patent drafters have comprehensive knowledge of how to prepare the patent application, add claims that can really work in the future, and respond to the mails of the patent examination department. When preparing the patent application, they consider the future market perspectives of the inventions, and different patent monetization options for the innovators.

I need patent protection in multiple countries. Do I need to fill separate application for each country?

Yes. You can file a patent application to PCT, that will be treated as patent application in different application.

Can I get a worldwide patent?


What do the symbols “R” and “TM” signify?

When an applicant file the trademark, he can use the symbol TM beside his mark. The symbol R can be used only if the mark is registered. Using the symbol R with the mark, which is not registered, is illegal.

How can I file a trademark?

A trademark application can be filed by the innovator himself or he can hire a professional for this purpose. Trademark registration can be granted to an individual or firm.

What is trademark portfolio management?

Trademark portfolio management is complete management of the trademark application. It includes docketing of the application, tracking the upcoming deadlines, and updating the client regarding the same. Not only this, operations of trademark application are also managed after registration i.e. till renewal.

I want to increase market share. Can you help?

Yes. With thorough analysis of customer needs, market segments, We can help your company grow and increase market share.

What kind of market strategies work for my business?

Not a single market strategies can work for two different businesses. Thus, we understand your business objectives and needs, do various market studies, prepare market reports, and see what kind of strategies can boom your business. We also help you in successful implementation of the business strategies.

How competitor analysis can help me grow in the market?

Competitors are the main barriers to growth, and you can’t ignore competitor analysis when preparing business strategies. We can help you know your core competitors, monitor their activities, learn about their upcoming projects. Based on the analysis, you can design exclusive plans.

How can you help me increase sales?

Sale of a company’s products depend on various factors. We will do in-depth analysis of your company, product lines, markets targeted, etc. to find out the areas that need improvement. Then, we build an effective business strategy that can help your business grow and improve sales.

I am an investor, and need a great idea to start business. Can you help?

Yes. We work with innovators, investors, and businesses, thus, have a list of innovators with different ideas and inventions. Based on the kind of industry you want to work in, we can help you get an effective business idea. Not only this, we will also set up meetings with the innovators so that you will have better understanding of the things.

I already have a business plan. I only need to prepare attractive presentation for investors. Can you help?

Yes. We study your business plan to have comprehensive understanding of it, and see if there is any modification needed. We can prepare an attractive presentation, which will really work.

I want to launch my products in the international market. Can you help?

Yes. We offer the best international expansion services helping clients expand their businesses to international locations. For building international expansion strategies, we do deep analysis of client’s business and product lines, and conduct market studies, surveys, etc.

I want to build a great business and market strategy. Can you help?

Yes. We have rich experience in helping businesses belonging to diverse sectors to achieve their goals. With deep market analysis, we build effective strategies for your business.

What is market research?

Market research is an in-depth study about a market or business sector. It comprises reports regarding performance of existing businesses and their product lines, customer needs, current and upcoming trends in the market, etc. All these reports can help in decision making, business strategy development, and revenue generation.

Why I need to do market research when building business strategies?

Market research is helpful to have comprehensive understanding of different market verticals. You can know sales performance of diverse product lines, current market trends, market demands, customer needs, etc. These reports can help you build strong business strategies.

How long have you been working?

We are in business since 2010, and have worked with international clients with diverse innovation management and market research needs.

Whom you have worked with?

We have worked with a wide range of clients so far. Please check – Our Clients.

Can I see the samples of your previous work?

Yes. On your request, we will show you previous work samples.

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