Scintillation Research has the world class expertise in the field of the standard-essential patents. Our experts have a deep understanding of what the standard-essential patent is, how to forge the standard-essential patent portfolio, how to join the patent pool as a licensor or what the procedure for patent essentiality evaluations is. Our experience and expertise can be a significant contribution for our clients to prosecute, utilize, sell or acquire standard-essential patents.

A subset of 3GPP’s LTE and 5G standards, C-V2X enables any vehicle to interact and communicate with other vehicles, roadside entities, pedestrians, and networks for collective mobility employing ProSe (Proximity Services) through PC5 interface for V2V, V2I, V2P direct communication, and traditional cellular network using Uu interface for indirect V2X communication.

  • As per the requirements of the client, the project necessitated V2X essential patent identification to create a patent pool for the automotive industry.
  • Our team scrutinized the ETSI database for V2X-related technical specifications.
  • Performed Patent Essentiality Analysis to determine patents relevant to V2X.
  • Based on the extent of overlap with standard specifications, more than hundred essential patents were identified.
  • Claim Charts were also prepared for relevant Standard-Essential Patents.

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