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About Us

About Us

When it comes to intellectual property services, Scintillation Research and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd is listed among the best companies. We were established in 2010, and have established as a leading global IP firms. Customer satisfaction is our main objective, and we always deliver exclusive services to our clients.

We listed among the "10 Most Promissing Patent & Trademark Law Service Providers - 2017 by Silicon India.

  • Our Mission

    Making innovator’s life very easy...

  • What We Do?

    We provide customized solutions for intellectual property search, IP licensing and monetization, patent prosecution, IP start-up business plan, copyright, and trademark registration. We help innovators get complete patent protection for their innovative ideas, and monetize them to their maximum potentials.

  • How We Do It?

    We always focus on maximizing returns on investment of clients IP assets. Thus, we do market study w.r.t the assets, determining the potenial monetization opportunities, and develop exclusive intellectual property commercialization strategies. Our professional, dedicated team stays up-to-date with the latest technology advancements in the industry to deliver the best patent licensing, IP litigation, and management solutions.

  • Who We Work For?

    Our clients include individual innovators, small and medium businesses, and investors, and we help them achieve their strategic goals. We provide a complete set of services from patent research and filing to intellectual property monetization.

Our Featured Services

Patent Search IP Business Plan IP Infringement IP Prosecution
Market Research Patentability FTO Search
IP Licensing Validity/Invalidity

Our Clients

India Address

TDI Business Centre, TDI City 1, SAS Nagar, PB 140308



US Address

250 East 5th Street, 15th Floor - #410, Cincinnati, OH 45202

phone+1(202) 846-2220

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