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How do you know if individuals or business enterprises are using your hard-earned patents without your permission? How do you prove infringement of your IP rights? How do you ensure complete intellectual property protection?

Just one answer to all these questions - IP Infringement Analysis


As an IP holder, you hold the right to get all the financial benefits of your intellectual property. Why should others earn from what you have spent sleepless nights for? If you want to utilize your IP assets properly, you need to identify and control IP infringement activities. With the help of EOU claim charts, you can easily locate patent infringers, and thus design an exclusive IP monetization strategy.

We at Scintillation Research and Analytics provide top notch EOU claim chart services helping innovators control IP infringement activities. Our professional patent and market research teams have capabilities to evaluate existing products and services to find out evidences of use of the patented inventions, and allowing clients cover their IP infringement damages.

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Proven Patent Infringement analysis for knowing potential infringers of your IP portfolio

We focus on helping innovators get evidences of IP infringement of their patents and utilizing them to maximum potential.

Effective patent mining strategy to identify the potential assets of the IP portfolio for EOU claim chart development.

Comprehensive market research to study market verticals of each patent, identify top players, and existing and upcoming products.

Detailed research to identify the products infringing the claim elements.

So, don't let others earn from your valuable ideas, inventions, and designs. Stop patent infringement now, and increase your ROI.

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