4G / 5G

Scintillation Research has the world class expertise in the field of the standard-essential patents. Our experts have a deep understanding of what the standard-essential patent is, how to forge the standard-essential patent portfolio, how to join the patent pool as a licensor or what the procedure for patent essentiality evaluations is. Our experience and expertise can be a significant contribution for our clients to prosecute, utilize, sell or acquire standard-essential patents.

A paradigm shift from 4G, 5G is based on OFDM with a new 5G NR air interface, wider bandwidth technologies like sub-6 GHz and mmWave, and designed to expand into new spheres such as massive IoT.

  • Our client was particularly concerned about patents relevant to the low physical layer of 4G or 5G technologies.
  • In accordance with the client’s requirements, we used portfolios of several companies to filter the declared and non-declared patents.
  • identified over several hundred essential patents which were not declared to ETSI database.

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