"A paradigm shift from 4G, 5G is based on OFDM with a new 5G NR air interface, wider bandwidth technologies like sub-6 GHz and mmWave, and designed to expand into new spheres such as massive IoT" "No Research Without Action, no action without research" SEP Analysis: 4G/5G
Customized Strategies

No “one size-fits all” approach. Every client request is unique and we respect that diligently.

Modular Approach

Fixed approach to a project is no more acceptable. Client should be on top it everytime

Fixed Timelines

Imagine you are hungry and your food doesn’t come on time, how will you feel? Meeting deadlines is almost crucial in client retention and We mean it!

Our Expertise


Telecommunications sector consists of technologies that transmit data in words, voice, audio, or video. Telecom equipment, services, and wireless communication are the basic sub-sectors of telecommunications.


Non-Fungible Tokens which are unique tokens that represent digital assets and have embedded proof of ownership using core technologies like blockchain.

Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual accounting system, an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms, designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network.


Metaverse is a hypothetical computer-generated universe augmented by Internet, Web technologies, and Extended Reality (XR). It comprises Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

Connected Cars

The purview of a Connected Car includes interacting with other vehicles leveraging vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies, interacting with other smart devices on the road.


Blockchain, essentially a digital ledger of transactions, is a system of recording information such that changing, hacking, or cheating the system is extremely difficult or impossible thereby ensuring digital security.


Web 3 is a promising technology assuring a new era in the development of the Internet, employs AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology to function as a “global brain” in a human-like manner

Industrial IoT

Industrial Internet of Things is a new vision that aims at automating smart objects for sensing, collecting, processing, and communicating real-time events in industrial systems. The backbone of IoT is established by plethora of technologies

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Why Choose us

Strict Confidentiality

Whatever information we engage with the client remains fully secured and confidential. Understanding the nature of work, we do, risks involved, strong firewalls, paper-less office, good work-ethics, and enforceable confidentiality agreements with clients and workers help us achieve our objective.


Quick Response

Our rule is to answer client’s query within three hours from the receipt of the email. Sometimes, we do respond within an hour as well. On urgent requests, we may respond over the weekend too.

Regular Updates

At any time, client must know what the status of the project is and what is done and what is remaining. Any feedback or customization in between the project execution is respected and is taken with full care.

After Sales Services

We do not close the project soon after we deliver the final report. We keep a buffer and wait for client’s follow up queries to answer them. All projects are closed after mutual discussion and agreements. We are happy when the client is very happy!

Strategy Development

It helps our team a lot like. They keep thinking on what all extra things will add value to the project. Instead of working as a services provider, we try to be in the shoes of the client.

Building strategies based on learnings is a great methodology to solve a real-world problem. We believe that all project requests are unique in some way. So, all projects require a special treatment. We spend a lot of times in developing methodologies for execution of the project.

There are numerous benefits to execute a project in phases. Achieving sub-milestones keeps the team motivated and they enjoy it too. It helps the team and client to remain on top of the project. Happy faces after successful competition of sub-milestones is a treat to watch.

Our Experience

3214 projects
38 workers
2010 in
70+ satisfied

What Process We Follow

  • Conceptuallization
    Interacting with the Client, and understanding his requirements
  • Brainstorming
    Studying deeply the clients requirements and planning the next phases
  • Execution
    Implementing and executing different strategies and tasks
  • Refining
    Testing the project to ensure it meets the client requirements

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